Sixty-five years ago, our Jaju started a Polish food business with his brothers and sisters in Western Massachusetts—hand-crafting pierogi, golabki, and kielbasa for their community. Fast forward to the ‘90s and you’d find us, Vanessa and Casey, spending our weekends cutting, stuffing, and sealing pierogi in the back kitchen alongside our elders.

Pierogi was a typical item on our dinner plates, something we took for granted. When we moved out to Boston for school and work, pierogi became more difficult to come by and we had to wait for deliveries from our mom. Friends talked of having to buy the mass-produced pierogi to get their fix! For us, that just wasn't okay. We would have to do something about it. In 2015, we dug out our grandfather's handwritten recipes and got to work, perfecting traditional, handmade pierogi for Boston.



Locally Made
Hand made in Gloucester and available in speciality stores and farmers markets across the area, we love to source ingredients locally, partner with other small businesses, and get to know our community. 


Time-tested Process
Inherited from our Jaju, this traditional polish process is a labor of love. Everything from mashing potatoes to making and cutting the dough, we do from scratch with our hands.


Simple Ingredients
Featuring flavors like cabbage and mushroom, sweet potato, butternut squash, apple & sage, kielbasa, potato and cheese, and prune and goat cheese, our pierogi use only a few straightforward ingredients.



No planning required
You can cook your pierogi from frozen. Just place them in a pan with butter or oil on low to medium heat to start. Warm for five minutes. Then, slightly increase the heat to crisp.


After about 10 minutes, turn off the stove heat and serve with sauerkraut, sour cream, applesauce, or sautéed onions, and enjoy your handmade pierogi!




We cater! Pierogi go well with birthday parties, company happy hours, festivals and pop-ups, or simply a night of watching football with friends. We can cook at your event or drop off ready-to-heat pierogi. Contact us for pricing!

Want some handmade pierogi shipped directly to you? Fill out the contact form and we'll coordinate the details!





Boston & Vicinity

Brookline Grown
Brookline, MA

American Provisions
South Boston, MA

Formaggio Kitchen
Cambridge, MA

Formaggio Kitchen
South End, Boston, MA

7/11 - Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA

North Shore

Karl's Sausage
Peabody, MA

Common Crow
Gloucester, MA

Cape Ann Fresh Food
Gloucester, MA

Corner Butcher Shop
Beverly, MA

Town Market
Andover, MA



Duck Soup
Sudbury, MA

Volante Farms
Needham, MA

Wasik's Cheese Shop
Wellesley, MA



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Natick Farmers Market
May 27, 9-1pm

SoWa Market
South End, Boston
May 28, 10-4pm

Central Sq. Market
Cambridge, MA
May 29, 12-6pm

Pop Up: Deacon Giles
Salem, MA
June 2, 6-9pm

Union Sq Market
Somerville, MA
June 3, 9-1pm

Roslindale Market
June 3, 9-1:30pm

SoWa Market
June 4, 10-4pm

Pop-up: Idle Hands Brewing
Malden, MA
June 7, 6-9pm